Freedom Speakz is the petite but larger than life, multi-talented artist and Atlanta, Georgia native. Her sparkling talents include singing, dancing, acting, public speaking, and she even adds author to the list. She is a eighth grader and currently attends Coretta Scott King Young Women’s Leadership Academy.

Bio: Who is Freedom Speakz?


As her name suggests, Freedom Speakz is free-spirited and never misses an opportunity to fascinate audiences both big and small. Her sundry of talents has afforded her multiple roles in productions, one to note, she showcased her acting skills as the witty Zazu in an off Broadway production of Lion King Jr.   

Freedom Speakz’ love for the arts parallels her love of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). She is young yet fierce and confident. She welcomes the opportunity to showcase her talents around the globe.

Fall 2020 Freedom Speakz released her debut children’s books, as the first is entitled “The Little Girl in The Pink Dress” based on the story of how her infamous “Generations” speech came to be. Her next book entitled “STEAM Adventures with Freedom Speakz and Friends” which is based on her music video S.A.U.C.E., is a vivid coloring and activity book filled with all sorts of fun for ages 5-10.

The best way to summarize Freedom Speakz’ emerging career is a quote from her diary: “Wherever I go, I will leave a little glitter.”